Friday, 18 November 2011

Operation Pan Am.

So recently, in my desire to procrastinate from an essay on representation of Islam in the media, I stumbled across a fabulous new series on BBC2 called Pan Am.

According to the BBC, 'The series follows the lives of a group of Pan Am pilots and air hostesses as they take to the skies, crossing the globe in a jet-powered, seductive age, shaped by romance, shifting social values and international espionage.' My goodness, does it. I cannot get enough.

 The fashion, the make up, the classy ladies... It's the stuff of vintage day dreams. (And what I'd give for one of those Pan Am stewardess bags... dear me. I adore them! If you have one or know of the location of where I can buy one, please email me right now and I will snatch your hand off.)


There is something about the effortless beauty of women in this era that makes me weak at the knees. I wish I could have been one. I mean, there's nothing stopping me from trying now but I'd probably get a few funny looks in the street. I wish more ladies wore fabulous dresses and such beautiful make-up these days. It looks ever so simple but timelessly elegant. I can't remember the last time I saw anyone in the street and thought 'they look so elegant'. Usually I'm nudging Gary and asking if they have forgotten their pants or whether that actually is the complete outfit. I am firmly of the opinion that the worst thing the world ever did was invent fake tan.

Look how absolutely gorgeous she looks! The eyes, the hair, the cheeks, the lips. Dear me, what I'd give for that combination. Anyway, if not purely for the eye-pleasure, tune in to Pan Am on BBC2 or catch the first episode here on BBC iPlayer. If you live in the States and can't access iPlayer, you can find Pan Am on the ABC wesbite.

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