Monday, 16 January 2012

Operation Fifteen.

The only photo Facebook will produce.
Dear fifteen year old me,
  • There are other colours in the world besides black. Try wearing them.
  •  A middle parting doesn’t do anyone any favours.
  •  ‘Gay best friends’ are more trouble than their worth. They're not cool, they're just arseholes. 
  • Stop beating yourself up – you’re worth more than you think. 
  • Have a little confidence in yourself – you’ll get better A Levels than you could ever dream. 
  • Stick to your guns – if you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. 
  • Do you really like performing arts? Really though? No? I didn’t think so. 
  • Lots of people are going to die but you’ll be fine. 
  • Even you will look back and think ‘My Chemical Romance? Really?’ 
  • Don’t worry about the bitchy falling outs of high school – you won’t speak to any of them in five years anyway. No, really, none of them. 
  • Don’t go to university so far from home. You love your family more than you realise. In saying that, you make some friends you'll keep for life. Weigh it up properly.
  • You’ll also be loving a beautiful man who loves you too. Seriously. 
  • Take diet and exercise more seriously before you do some irreparable damage. 
  • Don’t drive down icy lanes. You’ll be in a car accident that you’ll never get over. 
  • You'll fail your driving test but it isn't your fault so don't cry quite so much. 
  • WKDs and VKs are empty calories – drink REAL drinks. 
  • You WILL get that dog you’ve been pestering Mum and Dad for, for five years. She's cute, too. 
  • Tumblr’s for emos. Switch to Blogspot. 
  • MySpace won’t exist anymore but don’t you dare get a Facebook. Twitter’s where it’s at. 
  • Don't get that tattoo - you'll look like an idiot. You don't even like it now. 
  • It gets better, just hang in there. Go to the seaside, clear your thoughts, change your attitude. Smile.
Much love,

PS. Yes, you'll like the name Victoria again. Not Vickie. Eurgh. Back to Victoria. Seriously. Who'd have thought?

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