Monday, 16 January 2012

Operation Hill Fort.

Despite living in Lampeter for the past three years, I've never really ventured out of my accommodation further than the supermarket or the pub. Today, Emma and I decided to go for a morning walk to a place known as the 'Hill Fort', a few miles from where I live. It took us two and a quarter hours in total for the return trip and it was bitterly cold but it was a really nice walk.
I think this frost on the grass is proof enough of how cold it was this morning.
I suppose I'm lucky to live in a place with such lovely scenery although sometimes I get too dragged down by the sadness of being so far from home that I fail to appreciate the beautiful place that I'm forced to live in.

Emma pretending to be a tree... as you do.
Alongside lovely country views, we stumbled across some rather pretty little critters.


The woods were deathly quiet, with no noise from cars or planes. That's how I like my countryside - the only sound was the tweeting of the birds and the crackling of leaves.

Eventually we reached the Hill Fort and, as Emma failed to tell me, it's actually not a fort of any description. Clearly a Fort used to be there... but used is the key word. It is just a wide expanse of flat grass. Nevertheless, the views did not disappoint... even if I didn't get to climb on some ancient monument.

The 'Fort'.

The countryside of South Wales is lovely and perhaps I should enjoy it more in my last two months as a temporary Welsh citizen.

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