Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Operation Presents.

Now, of course, Christmas isn't all about the presents but, let's face it, they're lovely nonetheless. I’m not a fan of the religious aspects and so you could see my celebration of Christmas as a little hypocritical but I do enjoy the festive period as a special opportunity to spend some quality time with the people around us that matter the most.
The purpose of this post was to show you the sweetest little presents I was lucky enough to receive. In no way am I attempting to show off, I just wanted to share with you all what I’m so grateful to now own and why each item is so special.

L-R: Boots, Pan Am bag, Locket and iPad2.

Boots: These Boots, as seen on my previous post, were a present from Next off Gary’s Mum, Hannah. They’re amazing. They’re the comfiest boots I’ve ever worn and the warmest things in the world. I actually have to take them off every few hours because they send my body temperature through the roof. They’re such a delight to wear and I would never have picked them for myself so I’m so grateful that Hannah took the time to buy me my new favourite pair of shoes!


Pan Am Bag: Now, if you’ve been hanging around my blog for a while you will know how desperate I have been for a Pan Am bag. The amazing Gary only went and fulfilled my wishes this Christmas by buying me my very own! It’s better than I could have ever dreamed. It’s a genuine bag shipped from Chicago (and my, didn’t we know it with the postage costs) and is the most substantial and hard-wearing bag I think I’ll ever own. The lining is Pan Am’s traditional pattern and the outside is leather-effect. It’s waterproof, sturdy and has little metal feet on the bottom so you can place it down without worrying what it’s stood in. It has a removable base so it’s collapsible and the attention to minute details is exquisite. My only gripe is with the handles – they don’t give very much so it becomes a little uncomfortable to carry when it’s heavy – but I adore it and I’m so grateful to have such a lovely bag from such a thoughtful partner.


Locket: As seen on my previous post, Gary also bought me a gorgeous locket from Etsy. I’ve wanted a locket for a while and he couldn’t have picked one that I’d have liked more. It was a complete surprise and I couldn’t be happier with it. It will go with absolutely anything and the little (ahem, secret) note inside always makes me smile. :)

iPad2: My parents went all out this year and blew my socks off with this present. I wasn’t expecting it at all but it does seize the title of ‘best present EVER’. The iPad2 is the iPad and more. It’s got two cameras and with iOS5 it has the best little apps. The longest I have spent away from it since Christmas Eve is the eight hours I am asleep each night. During the day it is within a metre of me at all times and is the handiest gadget I have ever owned. If you can do it on a computer, you can do it quicker on an iPad. I can even Skype from my bed WHILST playing Solitaire. I don't think anyone could deny the appeal of that. :)

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