Friday, 20 January 2012

Operation Wedges.

... and not the food variety. I picked up some gorgeous wedge heels today. They're black suede with a little strap around the ankle - which is perfect for me because I walk like Dumbo in heels usually. They're always too big and fall off at the heel - even if I buy them a size too small. These were a bargain to begin with at £22 from Peacocks BUT because Peacocks have just gone into administration (bankruptcy), they were at a 20% discount. On top of that, I got to use my 20% student discount so these fabulous little creatures ended up costing a mere £11. I am in love. They fit perfectly and the strap (which will be almost invisible when I wear them with black knitted tights for Francis' Pass Out Parade) holds them on like a dream. EEK!

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