Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Operation Honey Scrub.

This morning I made a honey and coconut oil face scrub and, let me tell you, my skin feels amazing. It has never felt so smooth and soft and it's all the better knowing that this scrub is made from all natural and relatively cheap ingredients. You could make yourself a whole jar of this scrub - I'd estimate that would be twenty uses - for around £5, depending on the brands and quality of the ingredients you buy. It is super easy to make and a dream to use.

The benefits of honey as a skin product are endless - it is an antioxidant and an amazing moisturiser which helps with anti-aging, acne and general skin clarification. It's also purported to help with evening out skin colour. Coconut oil is a new firm favourite of mine. I use it for everything from moisturiser (which is antibacterial, anti-fungal and doesn't clog pores), lip balm, a cooking oil and I take 1tbsp of it per day for its health benefits. Put these together and you're on to a winner.

Please excuse the dirty glass - I rushed to write this after I used it and loved it!
1 tsp of honey.
1 tsp of coconut oil.
1 tsp of sugar.

That's it.

1. Put your honey and your coconut oil (probably in hardened form) into a microwave-safe container.
2. Put in the microwave for ten seconds.
3. Add the teaspoon of sugar and stir.
4. Apply to your face.

When I say apply to your face - this is what I did:

1. Thoroughly cover your face with the mixture - bearing in mind that the most sugar-filled bits are slightly heavier and will probably slide. So make sure you're stood over the sink.

2. Tear pieces of tissue and lay them over the mask, just to get it to stick in place on your face and not run quite as much.

3. Wander around for as much time as you have - I left mine for ten minutes.

4. Remove the tissue and scrub your face in circular motions. This is when the mask smells so good you might want to lick a bit... :)

5. Rinse your face in warm water and dry with a towel.

Ta-da! Instantly smooth skin with not a chemical or synthetic product in sight. You might find your face gets a little red - this is because of the properties of the honey. Honey and coconut oil are great antiseptics and the scrubbing of the sugar means that these will be really working on your skin. Don't worry, this only takes around ten minutes to settle down. This mask is really moisturising in itself, but if you want to go the whole way, moisturise by using a tiny amount of coconut oil rubbed into the skin. It works like a dream.

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  1. Yay! Another use for my large jar of coconut oil! :D Thanks so much for sharing!

    - Felicity. x

    P.s. I've nominated you for a little blog award, so feel free to pop over and check it out!