Monday, 13 February 2012

Operation Jason.

This post is one of massive praise for and awe at my new purchase. I picked up a tube of Jason's Energizing Vanilla hand and body lotion today from my local health food shop, The Mulberry Bush. They come in all sorts of different scents and were retailing at around £7.99. Usually, I would scrunch up my face at such a price but this product is very much worth it.

I like to try before I buy and I had no intention of buying this. I literally used the tiniest blob (because the shop keeper was lurking) on the back of my hand and found that it was plenty enough for both hands and wrists. I rubbed it in for around ten seconds and that was it - the softest and smoothest hands I have EVER had. Now, I'm not a fan of hand cream and I certainly don't buy it - I have never found a hand cream that I didn't want to immediately wash off. Body Shop is quite bad for that. It doesn't matter which of their testers I try, I immediately want to wash it off my hands because it's so greasy and doesn't soak into the skin. Jason's, however, soaked in immediately and you can see and feel the instant results. I knew I had to buy it, regardless of price.

This is all I used and it did both hands and slightly up the arms.
I would recommend the Energizing Vanilla scent over any other, purely because it smells amazing. Literally mouthwatering. It's a sweet, almost candied, vanilla and the smell lingers gloriously for hours and hours. You can catch a waft of it when you move your hands whilst typing.

The thing that particularly drew me to the product is that it is all natural. Jason, as a brand, have made all natural products for over fifty years. This lotion, in particular, contains absolutely no petrolatum, sodium lauryl, laureth sulphates, parabens or phthalates. Big words, I know... but that really means that it contains none of the controversial and potentially harmful chemicals crammed into most other toiletries today.

Given how little you need to use, I can see this tube lasting me a long time - even if I use it all over my body. I really can't recommend it enough and, although I would say £7.99 is a little steep for a moisturiser (because I'm tight), it's definitely worth the money. I look forward to buying more Jason products in the future.

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