Saturday, 11 February 2012

Operation Mousse.

I woke up this morning fancying a treat. I've been eating well and documenting everything from a month now with no break and I really just wanted to eat a lot of something. So, I made this Slimming World Mousse. I don't know if it's actually Slimming World per se, that's just what it seems to be called online. The good news is (for those who don't use SW terminology) that the whole thing - that's the whole of the original mix and all of the ingredients below - comes to a mere 300 calories. THREE HUNDRED. That's a binge without the guilt right there. And it's delicious. For those who do speak SW, I believe that it is 1.5syns for the whole batch. Given that all of the ingredients cost me less than £2.50 and it's SO simple to make, you can't go wrong either way. :)

60ml of boiling water.
1 sachet of sugar free jelly (I chose Strawberry).
250ml of fat free fromage frais.
250g of quark.


1. Dissolve your sachet of jelly in 60mls of boiling water. Mix thoroughly to make sure it has all dissolved.

Now, the next step is slightly different than the method I used but this is to improve your results.

2. Add 250ml of fromage frais and 250g of quark to a bowl. THEN pour over the jelly. I did it the other way round and got a few little jelly lumps on top. They didn't detract from it overall because it was still gorgeous and there wasn't many, but for perfect results I'd recommend adding the jelly last.


 3. Thoroughly mix until smooth. I used a fork because the kitchen where I live actually doesn't have a whisk. Ridiculous. But a whisk or an electric whisk would probably be the best bet.

Ignore the little lumps - they look worse than they actually were!
4. Chill in the fridge or freezer for an hour to let the mixture thicken up and then enjoy! Let me know what you think. :)

UPDATE: I have made this since without the quark. I had half a tub of fromage frais left and so I added the same amount of jelly. The quark just makes sure it stays as a mousse. Without it, it's actually tastier but more solid. And not a lump in sight. Delicious.


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