Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Operation Mugs.

As I was walking home from meeting with a friend at university today, I spotted a little almost non-existent 'antiques' shop that I'd never seen before. I put it in sneer marks because it wasn't a shop and they weren't entirely antiques - it was a little somewhat converted barn, completely dusty and freezing cold, stuffed to the rafters with a range from marvellously beautiful furniture and genuine antiques to nothing short of things that should have been in the bin. Amongst the clutter, I found these beautiful and sweet (well, to me at least) soup mugs. They're almost bowl sized but I think the little handle makes them more cup than bowl. There were four in the set and all were completely intact without the slightest chip or mark. They're really sturdy and weigh about 1lb each.

There were mugs for chicken, tomato, onion and mushroom soups, complete with a little recipe on the front of how to make the soup in question. I believe, through a quick research, they were originally a set of six with the other two comprising of Oxtail and Scotch Broth. I'm pretty sure they are nothing unique but I thought they were adorable and have never seen anything quite like them before. They were covered in dust and barely noticeable amongst the other plates, glasses and terrible mugs. I think these are likely to be 70s but if anyone has any idea of the decade these belong to, please leave me a comment and let me know - dating things isn't my strong point.

All four mugs cost 50 pence each and, as such, my grand expenditure total was the bargain £2. After I little look on Etsy, I found the exact same set for a whopping £15 more than I paid for them. They make me happy just looking at them and cleaned up a treat. I'll definitely be trying out the basic recipes. :)

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