Monday, 19 March 2012

Operation 80s.

In July, Gary and I are going to Bristol on an 80s themed night out for Hannah's birthday. I must admit, nights out are one thing Gary and I don't usually do. We've never been on one together and I've only been on two in my life. I think Gary marginally beats me but it's not something we ever think of as a good way to spend the evening. We are more than willing to make an exception for the lovely Hannah's birthday though and so we'll be driving down to Bristol with her boyfriend (and Gary's bezzie) Scully for the weekend.

The eighties theme was completely new to me though. I mean, I wasn't even born when it actually happened. So I figured I'd better give the make up a bit of a practise. When it comes to hair, eighties practically just means 'permed mullet' so with my natural afro that won't be a problem... :) But the face is a different matter and so tonight I gave an 80s face a bash.


To start with, I essentially went mad with my foundation and plastered it on like I was trying to fill cracks in a wall. I then did the craziest eye shadow I have ever seen. A really dark eye at the bottom graduating up to white and glittery beneath the brow. Given the 80s was like an accident in a blusher factory, I slapped on two straight lines of Benefit's red lip gloss (on my cheeks... yes, I know) and, because it's quite sticky, stuck some powdered blush to the gloss to get the colour necessary to look like a Madonna throwback.

The look itself was quite a success. It took me four washes to get the stuff off and even then I've been left with an orange smudge on my freshly washed face towel. Marvellous. Imagine that with a perm. Go on... You know I'll look sensational.

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  1. Such a nice makeup :) it looks so pretty on you!
    in btw really nice blog you have here, dear :))