Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Operation Banana Banane

When I went to the Trafford Centre around a month ago there was a lady outside Body Shop handing out vouchers that offered £3 off any purchase. Obviously I went in for a look and spotted my favourite shampoo and conditioner. They are the Banana Banane collection at Body Shop and if you live in the UK they can be purchased online here. They are £4 each so that's £8 for one set of shampoo and conditioner... which is a bit pricey for my liking but that's where the vouchers came in! I bought the shampoo with one voucher and Dad used his to buy the conditioner so, all in all, I got both for £2! Bargain!

They genuinely are great products. Body Shop claims that 'this shampoo gently cleanses hair, leaving it beautifully shiny. It contains real banana puree and smells good enough to eat.' Absolutely true. It smells delicious and it leaves my hair so amazingly soft. Body Shop also claim that 'this thick and creamy conditioner leaves hair beautifully soft and tangle-free.' Again, spot on. The conditioner is gorgeous and leaves my hair exactly as it claims to. I'm in love with these products and I especially love a bargain so it's definitely win-win. If you can pick them up on offer like I did then definitely give them a try. :)

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