Friday, 19 August 2011

Operation Birthday.

I copied this post from my Tumblr account. My birthday, hour by hour. Let me tell you this for free, it's an exciting life I lead... clearly...

9am: Watching Jeremy Kyle with a glass of Soya milk after being rudely awoken by numerous un-birthday-related phone calls. Dog toys everywhere.

10am: I'm wearing jeans! It might not seem like a big step to some but I genuinely cannot remember the last time I was not wearing a dress.

11am: Breakfast at The Thomas Burke in Leigh. What better than a birthday sausage barm cake and cranberry juice? Nothing? I agree.

12pm: We went to check on my Grandad's house and he has a lovely Lily of the Valley plant in his back garden. They're going to waste since he doesn't live there so I picked some to bring home and put in a vase. (Tilt in your head, please. I can't do it... Technological idiot.)

1pm: Jealous of my lunch, are we? I would be. Cracked black pepper and cheese baked baguette with butter and a can of diet Coke. No, I don't have anything on the baguette - it ruins it. The taste is amazing. The best type of baguette I've ever had. PS. Spot the lilies in a recycled jar.

2pm: No airs and graces on me, love. Going to Asda on my birthday to print some photographs and buy some kitchen cleaner. Classy, classy bird.

3pm: Putting the photographs I printed at Asda into some frames I bought a while back from Hide n Seek on Etsy and from Boots.

4pm: The primary component of my requested birthday tea. Dad's making his wonderful cannelloni. I'd rather have that than eating out. It... is... amazing. This box contains the pasta shells for his masterpiece.

5pm: The marvellous cannelloni and garlic bread we had for my birthday tea, courtesy of my wonderful Dad.

6pm: At six o'clock, whilst waiting for Gary to arrive, I contributed to my pending crocheted blanket.

7pm: Gary arrived with my birthday present - a KINDLE! :D Happy happy bunny.

8pm: I went to Gary's for an hour to see his family. His sister bought, and decorated, this... wonderful... birthday cake. Where I got this reputation from, I'll never know.

9pm: At around half past nine, I headed home from Gary's in the pouring rain. Pathetic fallacy, I'd like to think.

10pm: Home. At last.

Terrible photograph quality courtesy of my hideously unreliable BlackBerry Curve.

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