Friday, 19 August 2011

Operation Suitcase.

I found this suitcase back in March in a charity shop at university. Lampeter is a sleepy town where things aren't vintage - they're still in fashion. They never aged because the town's yet to catch up and realise it's 2011. This little suitcase was sat outside on the pavement. It was disgusting - dusty stained and a little ripped on the outside with somewhat dodgy stains, dust and damp on the inside. It was pretty dire but me, being me, can see potential in rubbish. Either that or I'm a hoarder. Or Stig of the Dump in a former life. Anyway, I asked how much it was and the lady said she'd let me have it for £1. I tell you, people in Lampeter and, dare I say it, people who volunteer in charity shops don't know the value of what they have. I gave her £2, what with it being for animals, and proceeded to scrub, wipe, spray, wax and elbow-grease for the rest of the afternoon with the few cleaning and polishing resources your average university student has in their room. Exactly. Therefore, instead of revision, I've restored a 60s/70s suitcase that's now worth £40 on Etsy. I won't sell it, of course, but it's a tiny bit beautiful and I'm a little bit proud.