Sunday, 11 September 2011

Operation Catch-up.

I feel like I'm so behind on my blog reading. I've been away for the weekend and I absolutely wouldn't have traded last weekend for anything but I've come home and don't really know where I'm up to with the people I follow. I adore the blogging community. I feel like I genuinely know the people that own the blogs I read. I know their lives, their families, their passions and their hard times. They inspire me, amuse me and occasionally make me jealous. It almost feels as if there isn't a line between my real life and that of those on Blogger. I quite like it, if I'm honest. Nothing wrong with a little inspiration.

The issue now is that I don't have time to catch-up for a little while. I'm starting work experience in an infant school tomorrow at 8.45am and will be starting at that time and finishing around 4pm for the next fortnight. I can see a little blog neglect coming on here. I'll try to keep up with things the best I can.

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