Saturday, 24 September 2011

Operation Lampeter

Well, I'm packed. Tomorrow morning I will be up at 8am and setting off at 9am on the 4 hour, 151 mile drive to my new lodgings in Lampeter, Ceredigion. The above picture is the building I lived in last year. It's absolutely lovely from the outside and, unfortunately, a hell hole on the inside. Anyway, I've discussed my living arrangements for this year on previous posts and so hopefully I'm moving onwards and upwards.

I have a really weird mixture of emotions at the moment. I'm excited to start the work and finish my degree next June, graduating next July. I'm quite anxious but hopeful about my new house and the situation I'll be living in. I'm dreading the drive and being so far away from home. I'll be going home every third weekend regardless of what else is happening in the world so I'm going to approach this year with a positive attitude. I know why I'm here even if I don't want to be. I'm here to finish my degree, to open the door with my grades for my next course at Huddersfield (hopefully) and to make mine and my man's future brighter. It's a temporary melancholy in the grand scale of life. Of course when you're so sad about the circumstance it's hard to see the bigger picture or see the benefit of living in misery but it's all temporary. This too will pass.

So I'm going to try harder, work for longer, complain less and try to make the most of my last year in an adorable but annoying (in equal parts) village. Good luck to everyone else returning to university at the moment. :)

The main street in Lampeter. As you can see, there's absolutely naff all there.

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