Sunday, 25 September 2011

Operation Moving Day

Well, that's it! I've moved in! My room is lovely. (Pictures will follow when I can take some decent ones).

This is the beautiful house I will be living in until June. (Image courtesy of Google Maps Street View).

This four (double) bedroom mansion is rather beautiful. I have more storage space than I actually know what to do with. Nine drawers, three wardrobes and two double cupboards. I am actually using four of the drawers and a half of a wardrobe. My bedroom is at the back of the house and my view is of the back garden. Today I was sat at the computer and saw a pair of Red Kites flying above the garden. They came so close to the window and they were so beautiful.

Just to re-cap the living arrangement, I'm lodging in a room of this house with the couple who own it and one other lodger. She came to introduce herself and she's quite nice. Hopefully she appreciates the quiet too. I have a little story about her as an introduction:

She moved into her room here yesterday and went to the bathroom last night only to find that she'd locked herself in by accident. The lock was stuck and she couldn't get out. So she shouted for help and hammered on the door and walls. Nothing. The landlady and her husband, both deaf, were just on the other side of the wall but couldn't hear her shouts. She hammered, shook the door, shouted and still nothing. She wrote a note asking for help, in lipstick on toilet paper, and put it under the door. Still no one came. Eventually, at 2am, the landlady heard something vague and came to investigate. She found out what had happened. (By this time, the girl had made a bed in the bath for the night). Her husband got the ladders and put them up to the bathroom window and eventually, three hours later, the girl was freed from her bathroom prison. What bad luck is that? Getting stuck and shouting for help from deaf people.

Anyway, tonight I am going round to a friend's for a cup of tea. Living the high life and all that, hey? :)

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