Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Operation Memory.

Courtesy of Gabrielle Blair at Design Mom for the inspiration behind this post. Please watch the video to put my post into context. :)

Gabrielle asks: 'If you closed your eyes right now and thought of your favourite memory, what would it be?' I thought for a while and found that I couldn't pick just one.

My favourite memories are:

1. Of being at Coco's diner in Palm Springs with my parents in 2010 and eating the most delicious meal I've had in America.
2. Of collecting Gary at the train station in Aberystwyth after he took at 6 hour train journey to see me at university.
3. Of walking down Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs and looking at the Thursday night markets at twilight.
4. (An odd one here) Of the night I went to hospital with anaphylaxis and Gary told the nurse that he was my boyfriend even when he wasn't. (How sad!)
5. Of walking a very drunk Chris Matthew and Francis Osborn home from their night out - both of whom were in drag and kept kissing me on the cheek for finding a mobile phone that was never even lost!
6. Of my Dad pulling up on the front of our house with an 8 week old Maisey in the back of his car. :)
7. Of walking around Borsdane Woods with Chris Holding as a child and throwing leaves into the river.
8. Of the night I spent at Chris Matthew's house playing GoldenAxe III and camping in the living room with too much Pimms and late night television.
9. Of the CF night out around Aberystwyth in 2009.
10. Of living with Cara Urwin in my first year of university - more specifically when she came to my door dressed as Santa and sang 'Thanks For The Memories' at me as a farewell when I moved out. :)

Writing this post has filled my stomach with the warmest, happiest feeling. I'm so lucky to have had such great times in my life. Try it! What's your favourite memory? Leave me a comment :)

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