Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Operation Packing.

I decided to start packing today for my departure to university on Sunday the 25th. This is my progress. Two full boxes containing everything I could ever possibly want or need during the next academic year. If you can name it, I'll probably have two of it in this box. Except maybe toilet seats and ironing boards. However, there is a washing basket, an entire set of bedding, a box of ice pops, oodles of food, more Tupperware than I'll be able to use, three bottles of Original Source shower gel (which I adore) and the nicest air freshener I've ever bought from Makro. The only things that I'm left to pack are pillows, clothing, towels and my computer which will hopefully fit in one more bag and a box. Please bear in mind that my car is this big:

It's going to be like a giant game of Tetris.

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