Friday, 21 October 2011

Operation Overboard.

Just kidding. Hello, everyone. I'm sorry I seem to have jumped ship but I cannot remember the last time I've had a minute to sit down and gather my thoughts for long enough to make a blog post. I hope you're all well. I thought I'd better crack out another blog post before the rapture claims us all. Ho hum.

I honestly don't know where time has flown away to. The last thing I remember was last weekend - my eventual escape from Lampeter to go home for the weekend. It was truly lovely. Friday night, Gary's Mum made us a lovely Sunday roast with all the trimmings all packed into a giant Yorkshire pudding. Phwoar. Saturday, Gary and I went to Nando's to gorge ourselves silly (as we usually do thanks to their wonderful desserts), had a mooch around the shops and spent the evening drinking Baileys with his parents. I love spending time with Gary's parents - his family is like a second family to me and it's nice having two families who are slightly different. :) Sunday arrived and I went home to see my own parents and my lovely dog. To top off the weekend's calorie intake, we had pizza. I make no apologies, it was spectacular.

Unfortunately, Monday arrived and that meant driving the 200 countryside-laden miles back to Lampeter but this weekend God decided to throw in a twist. Or rather three twists. Fog, rain and winds to give them their proper names. The drive I can usually crack out in 3 and 3/4 hours took over 4 and a half. 30mph for most of the journey isn't fun - especially at 10pm with a lecture the next morning. Driving in those conditions is no fun so I'm glad I had company and, although I never thought I'd say it, I was glad when I reached Lampeter. (I know, right?)

This week has consisted of reading, more reading, a bit of writing, a bit of writing in a foreign language, some reading and a bit more writing. I am the belle of the ball at the moment. A social butterfly, clearly. Truth of the matter is that I like to be ahead on my work so I can have weekends off and get home as often as possible. If I crack out two essay before the 4th November, I can go home for a whole ten uninterrupted days of fun. One essay down, one to go!

Last week's essay was a critical portrait of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. I can't lie - it bored me stupid. I am actually very little the wiser about him 3,000 words later. This week's is about Cartesian Dualism. Jack of all trades, me.

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