Sunday, 9 October 2011

Operation Weekend.

This week I have re-kindled my love of coffee. Specifically black coffee with two real spoons of sugar. I've taken quite a liking to waking up and having a browse of the internet with a nice cup of coffee. The above illustration is a pretty accurate picture of a morning. I started to drink my coffee black when I worked in my previous job as an administrator at a Muslim company. During Ramadan there was never fresh milk in the fridge (because of the lack of need) and for my one cup a day I didn't see the need to buy any so I just took the plunge, had my coffee without it and fell in love. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't say no to a nice latte here and there but black coffee is the way forward. Far more sophisticated if I say so myself.

This weekend has been lovely. Cara-Lee came to visit from North Wales and it was so nice to see her again. Cara was the first friend I made at the university - in fact, we were friends before we even arrived thanks to the Facebook group for freshers. We instantly clicked online and it was the same when we eventually met. We lived together in first year and she is genuinely an amazing girl. We spent Saturday afternoon in the Student Union with our other old neighbour B and it was great to have a laugh and talk about our old memories.

L-R: Me, Bianca and Cara.
Saturday night brought a lovely night in - a bath, a chicken casserole (as per usual) and a night in bed watching Wall.E. Wall.E is the sweetest film I have ever seen - I fell in love with it right away. I've tried to watch it a couple of times before but a couple of things got in the way. The first time was one of the first times I'd met Gary and we were barely even friends. We ended up hanging out together at his university when our mutual friend had gone out clubbing and we didn't fancy it. We'd had a bit to drink and I couldn't follow the plot. (What's not to follow?) Anyway, we ended up turning it off and Gary decided there and then that he didn't like me because I didn't like Wall.E. Fabulous first impressions, right? The second time I tried to watch it, Gary had gone out around campus with my friends on some kind of zombie apocalypse hide-and-seek game in the middle of the night. The prospect scared me so much I decided to stay in. I'd got about an hour into the film and Gary came home to get a drink and the conversation went as follows:

Gary: What're you up to, babe?
Me: Watching Wall.E (smug with a smile after the previous attempt).
Gary: Hang on? What's wrong with the sound?
Me: What? Nothing, why?
Gary: Babe, you know this film is meant to have speech in it, right?
Me: But it hasn't had speech all the way through?

At this point, Gary wouldn't let me watch the end. I'd been watching it for an hour and not realised that the sound was broken and only the background noises and music were playing. I thought it was meant to be that way because they were robots and couldn't speak... Blonde moment, right? Anyway - I've eventually watched and fallen in love with Wall.E! I can see it becoming a regular favourite.

Look at his little eyes! Such emotion in those bits of tin.
Sunday brought a mixed day of more socialising with Cara and B before Cara returned home. We met up for breakfast (with black coffee on my part, of course) and then nipped round to our other old neighbour's new house. Alex lives in an odd but wonderful house although I'd be tempted to call it more of an apartment. It's one long corridor that bends and twists with rooms off either side and a big wooden staircase at the end leading to two more bedrooms. Alex is a qualified piercer and has her own little business called Pincushion Piercing that she does freelance, as and when she wants to - which isn't all that often now that she's concentrating on finishing her degree. So whilst we popped round for a brew, Alex pierced my cartilage - a very last minute and unplanned decision but one I'm quite happy with the results of! She offered to do it for free but I hid some money in her room. :)

Please note the stud in the top of my ear, courtesy of the lovely Alex.
So, all in all, this weekend has been one of little work and much socialising but I'm a happy bunny at the end of it - albeit a happy bunny with a throbbing earlobe! I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. :)

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