Sunday, 27 November 2011

Operation Home.

This weekend, as I'm sure you all know (since I bang on about it so much), I went home and it was lovely. :) On Friday night we stayed over at Gary's and had a night in. We spent time with his Mum and we all sat in her bed having a good old chat. Before we knew it, it was 3.40am and we had to be up to go to my house by 11am. Uh oh. *Insert slightly grumpy Gary here*.

I took this on my BlackBerry on Saturday morning when Mimi (Gary's chihuahua) sneaked into our bed for a cuddle.
So, on Saturday morning, we went back to mine for lunch and then Dad took us to the bed shop to buy a new bed. My single bed was only two years old but it just wasn't big enough - Gary and I found it difficult to stay at my house, as much as we wanted to, because one of us always had to sleep on the floor. So now I've got a nice big double bed on the way with a wonderful wooden headboard that I can't wait to show you. After the bed shop, we went to see my Grandad. He's eighty-seven and suffers from Dementia so time we spend together, although scarce, is precious.

Me with Grandad.

Me, Grandad and Dad. (Doesn't Dad look very tanned for a white guy?)
After seeing Grandad, Dad went into town and Gary and I went to the park across the road. I love Firs Park, even though there's not a lot there, just because it was the place I learned to ride my bike as a child and spent many a happy hour. It's not changed much in 15 years, in all fairness.

Gary and I, being the big kids we are, went on the swings...despite the fact that it was absolutely throwing it down with rain. It was totally worth getting frizzy hair for.

Gary getting a little queasy as I forced him to go higher and higher.

You can tell how bad the rain was just from this picture.
After the park, and despite the terrible weather, we walked the fifteen minutes into Leigh and met Dad and his friends at the pub.
Dad, John and David.
A slightly damp (actually, soaking wet) Gary at the pub.
Then Mum picked us all up from the pub and we drove home before going for an all you can eat Chinese buffet at Beijing House.
Gary had a mess with the long exposure settings on my DSLR in the car. See the traffic lights!

After the Chinese, we returned home and had a cuddle and a drink with Maisey (my dog) and the X Factor (my parents' guilty pleasure).
Maisey, JCin.
Istak: Our new favourite 'beer'.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, too. Unfortunately I return to Lampeter tomorrow but the bright side is that it's only for a fortnight and then I'm home for a month for Christmas (and more work experience). :)

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