Monday, 28 November 2011

Operation Mumbai.

Today, on my four hour drive back to university, I was lucky enough to listen to the entirety of Jeremy Vine's live broadcast from Mumbai, India for BBC Radio 2.

Jewellery from a Mumbai market.

I caught the show purely by chance and I'm really glad I did. Jeremy broadcasts live from the Leopold Cafe in Mumbai and discusses whether or not India will actually become the world's next big superpower. 20 million people live in Mumbai, all of whom are crammed into an area the same size as Leeds, and it is estimated that 10 million of those live in destitute poverty. Jeremy explores the slums of Mumbai and interviews those who live with their whole family in rooms no bigger than your average en-suite. Ludicrously, those lucky enough to have a single window in their shack are considered to be well off.

The slums of Mumbai.
 Jeremy also interviews workers and bosses at the largest of India's call centres and speaks to staff about how they feel regarding the complaints about their accents and clarity made by the British public. Ironically, the call centre received a complaint from an English lady about the 'disgusting' standard of English used during her call and it was later discovered that the call centre operator she had spoken to was based in... wait for it... Leeds. In England. In her own country. Sounds about right, huh?

The Gateway of India.
If you have a free couple of hours, or like background noise, please visit the BBC Radio 2 website and listen to the broadcast on catch-up. It's available for seven days from now and is a fascinating insight into what it's like to live, work and try to survive in Mumbai, India.

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