Monday, 28 November 2011

Operation Nutriganics.

Whilst visiting Gary in Huddersfield, I realised how horrendously dry my skin had become because of the central heating. Just like air conditioning, central heating has a horrible effect on your skin and, despite exfoliating and moisturising every day, mine had almost turned into scales. So I nipped into the Body Shop to see what they could do for me.

The saleswoman introduced me to their Nutriganics range and I will never be going back to anything else. Nutriganics is amazing. It leaves my skin incredibly soft and sorted out my dry skin issues in one use. ONE USE. My skin has been fine since. I bought the cleanser and toner and will definitely be going back for the moisturiser.

The cleanser states that it is an 'innovative gel-to-oil cleanser which removes impurities and even waterproof make-up gently but easily.' It really does. It comes out of the bottle looking like craft glue (don't let this put you off) but as soon as you rub it onto your skin it turns into a clear oil and goes runnier in texture. It smells amazing and leaves my skin incredibly soft. It must be doing something good because it has gotten rid of all my blemishes, too.

I'm not as impressed with the toner as I am with the cleanser, purely because it smells a little earthier and a little bit like tea (to me, anyway), but I still use and love it. Their website states that the toner removes the last traces of make-up (it really does), tones without drying the skin (again, check!) and primes skin for moisturiser. It does all of the above and does it incredibly well. If you're looking for a new face care routine, give Nutriganics a try and, if you act now, you can get buy two, get two free on all Body Shop products. The difference it has made to my skin is amazing - I really couldn't recommend the range enough.

PS. I've just taken advantage of the aforementioned offer and they threw in a tub of Body Butter for just £1 (instead of £12.50). Hello, new products! :D

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