Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Operation Voyage.

This is me. Of course you already knew that. But this is me with my new haircut and my new eyebrows. (Hah). I had my eyebrows tinted darker than usual and I adore them.My haircut isn't much different that usual but at least it looks healthier now the damage since June has been removed.... That's right. My last haircut was on June 1st. How awful.

Here's a little update on life: I'm getting better with my Arabic and can have a conversation now (well, a basic one). Not bad for two hours a week's teaching for one month. I'm currently agitated waiting to go and pick Gary up from the station in Carmarthen. He set off at 9am this morning and should get to Carmarthen at half past four. What a trooper. We will then, of course, go for Chinese. How else would we celebrate his arrival? :)

He'll be staying here with me until Friday and we'll both head back up North on the 4 hour car journey back home. It'll be nice to have his company and it obviously saves him a return train. Then... *drum roll please*... I get to stay at home for TEN whole days. Thank goodness for reading weeks. :) I hope you're all well.

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