Monday, 5 December 2011

Operation End of Term.

Hello, everyone. :) I hope you're all okay. I thought I'd post whilst I have a little free time just in case this week gets a little hectic.

So, today, I finished my last essay of the term. I had to assess whether or not metaphysics can be classed as an empirical science. To be quite honest, it drove me quite close to insanity through sheer frustration. I was just having one of those weeks where you can't really focus and my heart wasn't in it, but that was irrelevant because I absolutely had to get it done for tomorrow to get in checked and hand it in before I leave on Friday. The fact that I knew it had to be done by tomorrow stressed me even more because I knew I couldn't just have a few days off to clear my mind, it had to be done now and done well. Eek. So after much stress, many text messages to my dyslexia tutor and an hour with him this morning, I've cracked out the whole essay today and I'm feeling like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

As I just briefly mentioned, I'm going home on Friday. It isn't the end of term for another week but there's a few of reasons I have to leave early:
1st: The snow has started in parts of the UK. I had a car accident a year ago today entirely because of bad weather and, even though it wasn't my fault, I still got half of the blame. The whole thing still really hasn't left me so I want to get home before the cold winter properly sets in. There is no way I'm getting stuck in Lampeter for Christmas. Not a chance.
2nd: I've booked some more work experience. I really want to impress the people at the University of Huddersfield. They've short-listed me for interview and I have one on 5th January. I'm incredibly nervous just because I'm so desperate to impress. I know that I want to do the course more than anything - I just hope they see that in me. So, in an attempt to impress them a little bit more than I currently could, I've booked in for another week of work experience in my old primary school - bringing my grand total since September to three weeks. I love that school and the children are great - I'm genuinely excited to see them all again.
3rd: I've had to book a dreaded dentist appointment. Dun dun duuuuuun.They took me off their books because they cancelled my appointment and never sent me a new one. Makes sense, non? No? Exactly. But after some sweet talking from my Dad, I'm back on the books and I have an appointment on the 14th. Perhaps my gums will stop bleeding now...

So, after ten weeks, term is over. Thank goodness for that. It's a shame that I've almost resorted to using my degree as a means to an end. I'm sitting modules that I had no choice in doing, that I've already done before and that aren't what I'd have chosen given the choice. The only thing I am absolutely loving is my Arabic lessons. Loving is an understatement. I adore Arabic. I'm finding it really straight-forward, ironically enough given that I'm dyslexic with English. Sounds about right. I can read all the Arabic letters now both on their own and in words (which doesn't sound like much but you've got to appreciate that a) it's a whole new alphabet and b) each letter changes how it looks dependent on its position in a word). My vocabulary will have to wait until I have some time over Christmas to revise it properly. That is, on top of the presentation I have to prepare for my interview in Huddersfield. 'Tis the season to be jolly, and all that...

I'm so excited to be home for Christmas. I almost can't wait until Friday. My parents have ordered me a new bed which arrives at my house the day before I do. That finally means that, when Gary stays over, one of us doesn't have to sleep on the floor. Always a bonus. So, please keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't snow and that the weather remains okay until Saturday. I hope you're all okay and enjoying the prospect of some time off. :)

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