Friday, 13 January 2012

Operation Corsodyl.

This post is a little product review of the Corsodyl Daily toothpaste I've recently been introduced to. I think it's relatively new on the market and is massively unconventional. I'm sure you're wondering how a toothpaste can be 'unconventional'... but I shall continue.

For a starter, the product itself states that you won't like it. It's very clear about it from the offset. There's even a graph on the back of the tube that shows low product satisfaction with initial use. I'll tell you why - it's vile.

It tastes horrid. It isn't even close to the minty taste you'd expect from a toothpaste. Made from plant extracts and mineral salt, this paste has a horribly salty taste and gritty texture. I actually made the 'bleugh' noise when I first used it. The consistency is more exfoliant than toothpaste and it comes out of the tube in an odd pink / brown colour.

You may be wondering why I continue to use it if it tastes so bad. The simple answer to that is that it is the best toothpaste I have ever used. I was given a sample of it by my dentist. I went to see him because my gums had been bleeding every day and night for well over six months. There was nothing I could do to stop it and I was genuinely worried that my teeth may fall out because of it. Why wait six months, I hear you ask? I wasn't registered anywhere and I was away at university. I didn't want to register down here with only a few months left of my course. Anyway, he gave me a tester of this toothpaste and my gums have not bled since. Not even once, not even through vigorous brushing. I use mouthwash after it to give my mouth a better taste - something more appealing to the poor souls I might have to talk to - but the toothpaste itself is second to none. If you can just put up and shut up regarding the taste, the benefits for your oral health are extreme. It says it is a 'Gum and Tooth Paste' and it is exactly that - it doesn't just clean your teeth, it is clinically proven to improve the health of your gums too. If you have any kind of problem with your gums and begrudge paying the price of a visit to the dentists, give this (relatively) cheap little product a try and I guarantee, if you can get over the taste, you'll be massively satisfied with the difference.

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