Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Operation Words.

Words are fickle things. Some are beautiful, some are destructive. I've had a somewhat mixed day when it comes to words. I've spoken with friends. I've spoken about others. I've spoken with care. I've spoken words that needed to be said and deserved to be heard. I've heard things that I didn't want or need to hear.

People often don't understand the impact of a few simple words; the way they can make or break a day. For instance, having abuse hurled at me from someone I didn't know today changed what was an average day into the worst I've had in a long time.

Words don't necessarily correlate when it comes to amount and meaning. Sometimes you can speak but it means nothing. I can hear a thousand words and take no meaning or significance. Today, after recalling an incident in which someone laid into me for no reason, a mutual acquaintance said 'he told me he really regrets saying that.' Does he? Why doesn't he tell ME that he regrets doing it? He did say it to me initially, after all. Seems you're full of words when you're in the thick of it and you lack anything to say when it comes to an apology.

Sorry isn't the hardest word. It's five little letters, two syllables and it's easy enough to spell. I can say it in more than one language. It isn't the word that's hard, it's swallowing your pride that's hard and if your ego isn't strong enough to take the knock of admitting that you're wrong then maybe it really is you with the problem and not the rest of the world.

It turns out that words can sometimes disappoint just as much as silence.

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