Friday, 16 March 2012

Operation Final Weeks.

Hello, lovely people. Long time no speak. Apologies for that - life has been pretty full to the brim of things I don't necessarily want to do and aren't necessarily happy with. The above photo obviously isn't one of them. It was taken during a drive a friend and I went on last week through Wales. We did a three hour round trip on the narrowest and most treacherous roads (surely) in Ceredigion, all to go to a lake that was actually less than we were expecting it to be. It was just a looong and sickly drive in a two door Citroen C1. Nevertheless, the scenery was lovely and it was nice to get away from looming deadlines, if only for a couple of hours.

Back to reality, university has been massively hectic and, thank God, it is now only twelve days until I can leave this place for good. When I say for good, I mean I don't have to live here any more. I have to nip back twice - once for a presentation and once for an exam - and eventually for my graduation ceremony but they will literally be day trips. I can't wait to leave. University is supposed to be the happiest years of your life but they've thoroughly been my most miserable. First year was okay - I met some lovely people and had some great times - but I was always homesick. Even though I'd known him since before starting university, Gary and I only became a couple in the first summer of university and, of course, that made the distance I had to be away from home (four hours, 200 miles) even harder. Only getting to see him and my parents every three weekends took its toll and, coupled with really bad living conditions and an absence of friends in my second year, I had all the symptoms of a nervous breakdown by the time I moved out for the second summer break. This year, my final and most important year, has been a bit of a mixed bag. My landlady has driven me insane, my house mate is the most infuriating person I've ever lived with and I've spent around £500 in petrol going to and from home. Alas there are only twelve days until I get to move back there and I couldn't be happier. I'm so eager to leave that I packed all of my things over a week ago. I've been living out of boxes just so that I can set off even sooner when I'm allowed to!

Last week, to put the icing on the terrible work load cake, this happened. I got a nail in my tyre. I've no idea how or where from but, alas, I rolled up to university one morning and saw what had happened. I text a picture to my Dad and was a typical damsel in distress. I rang the AA and they took my call immediately. Someone arrived within 45 minutes (which is fantastic given that Lampeter is an hour from the next major town) and I genuinely couldn't fault their service.

Other than tyres, my workload is gradually decreasing. I've finished two of the three essays I have to hand in before I leave, sat one of the two exams and only have two things to come back for. I was really quite chuffed with my Arabic aural exam grade - I got 23 and a half out of 25, which is 94%. Considering I've only been learning Arabic for 2hrs a week since October, excluding holidays, that's not half bad! I have my oral exam next Wednesday and my final, deadly written exam in May. Eek. My 7,000 word dissertation on Nazism as an NRM was handed in at the start of term and the above picture is a screen shot of a group presentation I have to do on the Muslim veil within contemporary society. Thank goodness the work is slowing down now. Just one more essay to start and complete until I'm out of here.

You may be wondering what happened to being vegan. Well, a tuna sandwich was what happened. A bloody good one too, I might add. I was getting really down about it all! It sounds silly but it's just incredibly boring. I got utterly fed up of living off literally just fruit and veg. I couldn't add nuts to my diet to shake things up because I'm allergic to them. I don't like lentils. Beans get boring after a few tins. Carbs aren't exactly my best friends either. So I walked to the Student Union and ate a tuna and cheese roll. Let me tell you this: I will not be going back to trying veganism any time soon. If ever. Fair play to the people who do it and love it... but I personally think you've got to be rather dull. :)

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