Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Operation Vegan 2.

So today was day two of Vegan Week and I'm already beginning to become disillusioned with it all. I'm not usually one to give up on anything and I won't give up on this... I just miss sausages. And cheese. Which is funny really since I don't eat either of those things all that much when I'm not being vegan. It's been an easy and relatively tasty day. Nothing nasty and I'm not hungry, so that's all good. I just want chocolate... and milk. Or chocolate milk. I think I might treat myself to a litre or two of that when this is over.

Actually took this photo myself! I had them a few weeks ago, exactly the same.
Breakfast / Lunch: Vegan pancakes with banana and berries.
I used a recipe I found on All Recipes and they are so, so tasty - especially if you use coconut oil. I love these pancakes and they're genuinely the nicest I've ever had. These will be a firm addition to my life even when Vegan Week is over. I had them with a chopped banana and some slightly heated summer berries I had in the freezer.

Photo credit: Healthy Blender Recipes. Mine looked exactly the same.
Dinner: Well... this was disastrous. So we shall say a fruit smoothie.
When I say disastrous, I might be exaggerating a tiny bit. I originally cooked myself some Fanta Chicken without the chicken... so that's just Fanta Veg, with rice. I threw in some tofu too. I've never had tofu before but I thought I'd push the boat out with it being Vegan Week. It's mushy. Mushy and tasteless. My nose was running with all the spices I'd put in the Fanta to make it taste nicer but the tofu was still absolutely tasteless... and mushy. I think mushy is my sticking point - I'm not a fan. So I ate half of it and then just made myself a blueberry, banana and strawberry smoothie with soya milk. Far more satisfying than mushy mushy tofu. I hope tomorrow is a brighter day on the vegan front.

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