Monday, 5 March 2012

Operation Vegan.

Hello, lovely people. Apologies for being a little quiet - I have 25 days left at university and four assignments and three exams within that time. Needless to say I'm busy but probably procrastinating more than I should be. Anyway, this week I have decided to challenge myself to see if I can be entirely vegan for seven whoooole and painfully long days. I am the world's biggest meat eater and I don't think I've ever gone a day without eating some sort of meat - even the days when I was trying to be vegetarian but gave it all up for a sausage roll. Vegan-ism takes it to the extreme by cutting out butter, dairy and egg too and you'd be surprised at just what you can't have. I looked on the back of my Horlicks tub and, sure enough, it contained dried milk so that's a no go. Some Vegans won't even eat honey because it involves an animal in its production. Today's menu was as follows:

Photo credit: The Vegan Mouse.
Breakfast: Two Weetabix with soya milk and chopped banana.
This is nothing unusual for me - I love soya milk and usually drink it anyway. I've nothing against 'real milk' - a glass of whole milk is one of the best drinks in the world - but soya milk has a thicker consistency and a unique but lovely taste so this was fine and easy.

Photo credit: Veggie Buntch.
Lunch: Baked beans on two slices of toast.
Now this was mediocre... What is beans on toast without butter, I ask you? Absolutely naff, that's what. I even pushed the boat out and went for Heinz beans but to no avail. It was okay... but that's all it was. Butter is clearly the key tasty ingredient of beans on toast and, since I don't fancy shelling out the extra money for Vegan approved spreads, tasteless my lunch shall remain.

Photo credit: VeganYumYum.
Dinner: Vegan bubble and squeak.
This dinner was surprisingly tasty but made me feel a little sick afterwards - I'm not sure why. I put two potatoes, a carrot, some cabbage, a red onion and a leek into a pan and cooked them on the hob for twenty minutes. I then drained them and mashed them together with a little splash of soya milk. When slightly cooled, a made balls out of the mixture, coated them in flour and shallow-fried them for around ten minutes. They were tasty and not as bland as I expected. I think they'd make a nice side to a chicken breast though... mmm chicken. They were an adaptation of a recipe I found on VeganYumYum and I think I'd try them again in a smaller quantity.

(Please note, I didn't take my own photos because silly me has left my camera 200 miles away).

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